Sunday, 28 October 2007

Realism, or capitulation? And what about Knox?

Photo credit: Andrew Cusack

I have recently begun to re-do my biblical handouts. For obvious reasons I don't like the New Jerusalem Bible, which we have copies of in school. For equally obvious reasons I like the Douay-Rheims translation, and so I used that in my teaching materials. But this year I have reluctantly decided that it is too hard for my modern pupils. So I'm using the NAB, because it's online and easy. I know Fr Neuhaus has slated this in First Things, with good reason. Unfortunately the online edition of the Catholic RSV seems to have survived online for only a short time.

Was I right to compromise? I need an online edition that is suitable for young pupils whose levels of literacy are not high enough for the D-R version. The Knox translation must be out of copyright soon? Ronald Knox died in 1957 + 50 years = 2007. Or will the copyright extend to 70 years after his death?

Or perhaps I could just go down the road to Mells and ask his permission?

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RSV online here:

Also searchable version here:
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