Saturday, 10 November 2007

Faith Magazine ...

... arrived today, much to my seven month old son's delight. The Faith Movement is very popular with young people today, who are often more traditional and conservative than their parents.

I must confess to personally finding his conservatism infuriating. I mean, he's so nostalgic for the past...

For my part, I thought that the best thing for him would be to introduce him to a more enlightened periodical, the Tablet. So I showed him the following paragraph from this week's editorial, which draws attention to the reactionary views found among so many young Catholics:

The bishops have a duty not to let this disobedient and anti-conciliar spirit spread. It is already present in some seminaries, where a proportion of young men studying for the priesthood seem particularly attracted to a backwards-looking style of Catholicism that was familiar in the novels of Evelyn Waugh. The Tridentine Rite reflected the Counter-Reformation theology that emerged from the Council of Trent, and the Second Vatican Council marked the moment when the Catholic Church decided, definitively, that the Counter-Reformation era was over. It is because the motu proprio seemed to give comfort and support to those with a nostalgic and obsolete view of the faith that many bishops worldwide felt the need to limit the damage it might otherwise have caused. It is a pity that some in Rome did not understand this.

Imagine my shock when he blew raspberries, screwed up the pages, and then threw it contemptuously to the floor. Something to mention to the health visitor when she comes round.


Mac McLernon said...

LOL !!

Come on, spill the beans... do I know you??

The Holy Office said...


If you post your email address (which I won't published when I moderate comments) I promise I'll get in touch.

I'm sitting here with my ultra-reactionary baby: Sunday morning mum gets a lie-in and it's my turn.


Mark Richmond said...

Ah, you must be very proud!

I must confess that The Tablet often provokes a similar reaction in me.

By the way, I think this blog is super. I arrived via Fr Nick's Roman Miscellany.

la mamma said...

Did The Pill really say that?! It's worse than I thought. Huzzah for Faith magazine, though. I must be getting old - I remember when I used to think, 'surely there's another Faith magazine due by now' then realise there's still a month or so to go. Now, however, I think, 'another Faith magazine? Surely two months haven't flown by already?'