Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ

The Spoken New Testament read by the Rev. Hugh Thwaites SJ. This link will take you to all sorts of useful downloads, which I'm exploring at the moment.

These wonderful recordings of the Gospels, Acts, and Apocalypse of John are a great resource for teachers, and for everyone who wants a thorough familiarity with the New Testament as a continuous whole rather than the disjointed impression that comes from the nature of the lectionary.

Fr Thwaites delivery reminds me of the great Paul Scofield, whose BBC recordings of The Four Quartets are such treasures. The recordings use the splendid (I think) version by Monsignor Ronald Knox. Unfortunately there are no downloads of the Pauline epistles, which are considered Knox's finest achievement.

These recordings and Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth are a great help for all of us who know that 'ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ' (St. Jerome, Commentariorum in Isaiam).


Mary Jane said...

Thanks for these links - and thanks for your blog. I came to you via a reference at Roman Miscellany. I've been blogging myself for some time. And since I'm a musician and not a writer, it can be sporadic on my part.

At the same time, my reading of blogs is not - and I shall enjoy keeping up with you.

The Holy Office said...

Thanks Mary Jane, I'm glad you've found this useful. I'll be watching your blog too. God bless