Sunday, 4 November 2007

Thank you

Just to say thank you to everyone who has suddenly started to read my blog. After a week of having no readers (I couldn't even get my wife to read it - but she does have a demanding baby and me to look after) it was starting to get a bit lonely!

I hope you all continue to find interesting things here. I know that there are strong market forces at play in the Catholic blogosphere!

I'm very grateful and I've just said a Rosary for each of you and for your intentions.


Mac McLernon said...

Thank you for the prayers... it takes time to alert others that you've started blogging: usually people do it by leaving a comment on omeone else's blog, and then we bloggers, being incredibly nosy, have to track down the new blogger... and it spirals from there!

But you got a mention on Fr Tim's blog, and that should get you noticed BIG time... he is the supremo of the Catholic blogosphere!

George said...

Just a quick note to say God Bless and look forward to your posts. A tough time ahead for Catholics who are involved with Catholic Education. This anti-Catholic and anti-Life government of ours seems hell-bent on driving Catholicism into the ground and substituting the worship of man and the environment above anything else. I firmly believe our schools are in the front line of their attack and we should be more on the offensive than defensive. It's a fun, white-knuckle ride ahead folks.

Matthew said...

Nice looking blog Chief. It will add to my lunchtime reading nicely. Keep it up!

PS One more novice at the HNOJ.

la mamma said...

Thank you for your prayers. As i see you have a young baby, you might like to know that I'm typing one-handed whilst feeding my twin boys (this is a lap-top). I think you'll find that many of the best people are ;) Do you kno Liam who's a seminarian at the Scots' College?

The Holy Office said...

La Mamma

Liam is a very good friend of ours; not sure if he knows about this blog but when he does it won't take him long to guess my identity.

la mamma said...

just came back to this page to see if you do know Liam and realised that I managed to delete a part of my comment. It went, 'I see you are a St. Anderew's graduate. Many of the best people are ;)' i had written 'all the best people are' before realising that your wife isn't, so changed that and must have deleted more in the process. Has Liam stumbled across your blog yet? I keep wondering when I'll be rumbled... I see Mac's curiosity has been getting the better of her again. Did you tell her who you are? I take it you do know her. So do I but she wouldn't remember me.

The Holy Office said...

La Mamma

Liam knows my about my secret life as a blogger; I shall have to ask him to unmask you!

I did meet my wife at St Andrews, so feel free to say that all the best people went there....

As for Mac, I'm letting her stew for a while.